DBGridEh, STFilter, UniDAC
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Author:  bytecore [ 11 Mar 2023, 01:43 ]
Post subject:  DBGridEh, STFilter, UniDAC

I can not get the FillSTFilterListValues to work.
I've tried the famous example and
Index := Items.IndexOfObject(PopupListboxItemEhApplyFilter);
if Index < 0 then Items.AddObject('Apply Filter', PopupListboxItemEhApplyFilter);
works fine, but Sender.DefaultFillSTFilterListDataValues(Column, Values); does not.
No error but also no filter options coming from the values variable.
Values contains data - I checked that.

So please can anyone give an example of how to get that to work without a memtable but with UniDAC?
EhLibUniDAC is in uses claues. Do I need any other or is this not the problem?

P.S: the forum filter sadly is actually no help because every usefull word like STFilter or even FillSTFilterListValues is marked as too common and nulled out.

Author:  EhLibSupport [ 14 Mar 2023, 11:15 ]
Post subject:  Re: DBGridEh, STFilter, UniDAC


You can use the following bundle of components
TDataSource (DataSet = MemTableEh1)->
TMemTableEh (DataDriver = DataSetDriver1)->
TDataSetDriver (ProviderDataSet = YourDataSet)

To take advantage of TMemTableEh and store data in your DataSet.

In order to be able to fill the list of values in the filtering drop-down list in DataSets other than TMemTableEh,
it is necessary that the FillSTFilterListDataValues method be implemented in the TXXXDatasetFeaturesEh class.

This method is not implemented in the EhLibUniDAC unit in the TUniDatasetFeaturesEh class.

For an implementation example, see the TADDatasetFeaturesEh.FillSTFilterListDataValues class from EhLibAnyDAC.pas

Author:  bytecore [ 14 Mar 2023, 12:21 ]
Post subject:  Re: DBGridEh, STFilter, UniDAC

I wasn't aware of the second part.
But I think this will help me.

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